Alpine Industries Automatic Hand Dryer White - FROZY019

Alpine Industries Automatic Hand Dryer White - FROZY019

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  • QUALITY & LONGEVITY: This automatic hand dryer is made of Polycarbonate for ensureddurabilityandit is both corrosion-proof and lightweight. Additionally, this reliable bathroom accessory will provide you with ensured long lasting usage

  • PERFORMANCE & HYGIENE: This hand dryer delivers high-speed function with only a few seconds drying time, maximum drying efficiency and 100% anti-microbial & anti-bacterial operation for good hygiene

  • DESIGNED FOR QUICK INSTALLATION: This automatic hand dryer can be effortlessly placed and you will receive a wall template for convenient installation. It has a sleek, elegant and modern design to harmonize with your bathroom’s style

  • WHISPER-LIKE OPERATION: In order to provide you with a special product, we used advanced technology to offer a high-performance, no touch operation and decreased noise levels for a quiet and relaxed bathroom environment

  • SAVE YOUR MONEY & PROTECT THE PLANET: With this hand drying device you will be able to save the money that would be lost on paper towels. Not to mention the fact that lower paper consumption means less destroyed forests. Make the right choice for your pocket and our planet’s future

  • Are you looking for a reliable and durable hand dryer? Then you should continue reading... the following concerns you. We, at Alpine Industries have the best hot air blower for you! Heavy-Duty Hand Dryer Made of polycarbonate, this hands drying device will last for a long time. This is a corrosion-proof and extremely resilient hot air hand blower. With no touch operation and high-speed function that delivers hand drying in seconds. Sanitation This drying device provides completely anti-microbial & anti-bacterial operation and ensures an efficient hand drying and good hygiene conditions. Sleek& Modern Design With an elegant and solid design, the absolute combination of drying efficiency and stylish bathroom accessory. Easy Installation This hot air hand blower can be easy and fast installed in the wall of your choice and the template you will receive from us will make this procedure more convenient. This hand dryer is beneficial for one more reason and that is the fact that you will save your money from buying all these paper towels. The Best Value For Money Deal, Don’t Miss It! Place Your Order For The Automatic Polycarbonate Hand Dryer & Click “Add To Card” NOW!

    Alpine Industries Automatic Hand Dryer White - FROZY019